Which Common Dental Service in Del City OK is Right for You?

by | May 22, 2019 | Dentist

It is recommended to seek preventative dental services twice a year. When there is a concern for your oral health, it is important to seek the proper dental service in Del City OK right away. An understanding of the most common dental services is vital to proper oral health care.


When teeth are chipped, decayed, discolored, or fractured, the treatment given is known as bonding. The same procedure can also be used in the reduction of gaps between teeth.

A composite resin is mixed into a paste, tinted to match tooth color and applied to each tooth. Then an ultraviolet laser or light is used to harden the layer. The final step is to polish and shape the material to give it a smooth, natural look.

Caps and Crowns

When a tooth is damaged due to decay, misshaped, badly stained, or broken, a cover, known as a cap or crown, is fit over it. The dentist prepares the cover for the procedure, which may require more than a single visit to complete.

Crowns are most often made from porcelain, metal, or acrylic. Anesthesia is administered before the tooth is filed down to allow the cap to fit. A temporary crown is provided until a permanent crown is cemented onto the tooth.

Root Canals

In order to treat abscessed teeth or disease, a root canal may be necessary. For this dental service in Del City OK, the tooth is opened, and the infected tissue is cleaned out of the center. Then the space is filled, and the tooth is sealed. This is a method for saving a natural tooth from extraction, which can lead to the misalignment of the remaining teeth or the need for an artificial replacement.

Keeping regularly scheduled appointments for preventive treatment and practicing proper oral hygiene are the best ways of preventing dental disease. Talk to your dentist about choosing the dental service in Del City OK that will keep your smile bright and healthy.

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