Castle Hill Dentist: Why Visit Bi-Annually

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Dental Care

If you haven’t received the memo, adults should be visiting their Castle Hill dentist twice a year. Everyone knows this bit of information, but they rarely listen to it or heed it. Instead, they put off dental care until they are in pain, which leads to significantly longer procedures, more pain and discomfort, and higher payments. It’s best to go to your dental practitioner twice a year so that they can remove unwanted tartar and plaque, check your teeth, and ensure that everything is okay. Then, if an issue is noticed, it’s in its early stages and can easily be repaired without a lot of fuss.

A Castle Hill dentist doesn’t just focus on preventative care, though that is a top concern for them. They understand that you’re more worried about the appearance of your teeth and gums. If the gums look ragged because of periodontal disease, you’re less likely to want to smile. The same is true if you have stains or yellow build-up on your teeth. Many times, yellow stains are caused by tartar and plaque; you can get those removed during the scale-and-clean of your bi-annual check-up. However, if that isn’t enough to remove the unwanted stains, you can also choose tooth whitening procedures, which can brighten and whiten the smile.

Hills Dental Care knows that you might not enjoy going to the Castle Hill Dentist. It’s imperative that you do, so the dental practise ensures that you are relaxed and calm. Everyone welcomes you and doesn’t judge. If you’re still a little nervous, sleep dentistry is available. You can get a mixture of drugs to help you relax and stay calm, which ensures that the dentist can do his work more efficiently and you get out of the dental chair as soon as possible. That way, you feel less stressed about going and may not reschedule your next appointment.

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