What Steps are Carried Out in Gum Therapy in Beaumont TX?

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Dentists & Clinics

The health of the gums is important for good overall oral health. If the gums are not healthy, they cannot supply the teeth with the nutrients they need to remain strong and healthy. The gum tissue can become compromised when disease sets in. Gum disease first begins with mild symptoms and slowly progresses if it is not treated. The sooner a person seeks Gum Therapy in Beaumont TX, the better the chances of them making a full recovery.

When a person comes in for Gum Therapy in Beaumont TX, the dentist will first fully evaluate the gums. The signs of gum disease include redness and irritation. As the gum disease progresses, the gums will begin to develop pockets around the teeth that become filled with infection. As the infection grows, the teeth begin to loosen and can fall out. Since the roots are exposed, this can lead to decay. It is crucial the gum disease is diagnosed and properly treated, so it does not continue to progress and cause massive damage.

There are different levels of treatment for gum disease, depending on how severe the condition. If the gum disease is in its minor stages, the dentist will perform a deep cleaning treatment to remove any plaque that has built up under the gum tissue. A medicated mouth rinse can help to heal the gum tissue. If the disease has become severe, further treatment will be needed.

The goal of treatment is to control the infection and prevent the damage to teeth. There are different approaches the dentist can use, including oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, and laser surgery. The dentist will choose the method that will bring the best results so the patient can be free of the disease and their teeth can be protected from damage.

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