Preserve Your Tooth with a Dental Crown in Roseburg, Oregon

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Dentists & Clinics

A crown is usually placed over a tooth after a root canal. Therefore, dental crowns are often used to preserve and save a tooth that has become deeply decayed or has become inflamed. This type of restoration, when well maintained, is preferred by dental providers and patients alike.

That is why dental treatment services often include the placement of dental crowns in their listing of offerings. The use of crowns in dentistry offers a number of advantages. Not only does a crown protect the enamel or surface of a tooth, it is also an aesthetic restoration.

How a Crown Is Made

If you are worried that placing a dental crown in Roseburg, Oregon is a complex procedure, you can relax. The procedure of placing the crown is minimally invasive and fairly easy to understand. Once the enamel is cleaned, the tooth is shaped so it can hold the prosthetic. To facilitate this process, an impression of the tooth is made so the crown can be crafted. When the crown is ready, it is cemented over the affected tooth.

A Customized Restoration

Typically, a dental crown is made according to a patient’s precise specifications. These specifications consist of the size, shape, color, and fit of the prosthetic. Because the treatment is individualized, you can feel confident that your preferences and dental needs will be met.

Cosmetic Benefits

While a dental crown is considered a restorative enhancement, it also, as noted, provides cosmetic benefits. Crowns that cover the teeth can immediately eliminate discoloration or stains. They also can be used to eliminate flaws such as fractures, cracks, crookedness, or chips. Click here for more details.

Where to Learn More

You will also find that a crown is a comfortable prosthetic. Once it is placed in your mouth, you can enjoy eating again. The crown protects a tooth from further damage and also prevents issues with sensitivity. If you would like to restore a decayed tooth or you need to have a root canal, a crown is just what the dentist ordered. Learn more about this type of restoration by contacting a dental provider such as the Harvard Dental Group today.

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