What are the Treatments for Snoring in Cranford NJ?

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Dental

When a person has sleep apnea, they can often experience Snoring in Cranford NJ. Snoring is a definitive sign of sleep apnea but does not always mean apnea is occurring. It is important those who snore seek testing to learn if their breathing is being obstructed as they sleep. This condition can lead to a host of symptoms and can place a person’s life in danger if it is not brought under control.

The symptoms of sleep apnea include:

• Excessive fatigue in the daytime

• Depression

• Restless legs

• Loss of concentration and memory concerns

• Headaches in the night or morning

• Restless sleep

• Loss of breath during sleep

• Loud snoring

• Grinding the teeth

• Need for daytime naps

If a person is experiencing any of these signs, it will behoove them to seek testing so they can find the reason for their Snoring in Cranford NJ. Testing typically consists of an oral examination to determine if any physical obstructions are present. The patient then goes through sleep testing where they are hooked up to wires that monitor their nerve impulses and breathing rate as they sleep. This testing helps to determine whether or not a patient has sleep apnea and how severe it is so the right treatment can be put in place. You can click here to get more details.

If there is a physical obstruction, surgery may need to be carried out to correct the problem. If surgery is not an option, the patient can use a CPAP machine with a mask so the forced air coming out of the machine helps to keep their airway open so they can breathe normally. If this machine is needed, it is crucial a person uses it every night as directed by their doctor so they can properly control their condition and not only stop snoring but also protect their health.

Those who are experiencing any of the symptoms of sleep apnea need to see a doctor right away. Contact Westfield Oral Surgery so they can schedule you a consultation appointment, and you can get started on protecting your health. With treatment, the cumbersome symptoms of sleep apnea can be brought under control for an improved life.

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