Teeth Implants In Kirribilli

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Dental Care

When you’ve lost a tooth, you may think that a bridge is your only option or potentially, dentures, if you’ve lost multiple ones. However, many people are starting to change directions when it comes to lost teeth. They don’t leave the gap or consider dentures. Instead, they choose teeth implants in Kirribilli.

Better Appearance

When you lose a tooth, the jawbone suffers, which can make your face look older over the years. Teeth implants in Kirribilli will stop or slow down the process of jawbone shrinkage, which ensures that you look more youthful. Plus, they will look like your natural teeth, which means you don’t have something unnatural inside your mouth.

More Comfortable

While https://twitter.com/KBVillageDental and a lot of recovery time, when it’s all said and done, you will find that they act just like your natural tooth. You’ll feel more comfortable and won’t be worried that they will fall out or need to be removed to clean. You can brush them like regular pearly whites, and they are a permanent fixture inside your mouth.

Improved Speech

It is amazing how many people with dentures never realised how their speech could be impeded. When you choose dentures, the teeth sit on top of the gums, which means that they can slide around or slip when talking and eating. You may also notice that you tense your facial muscles to try to keep the denture in place, which can lead to clicking noises and slurred speech.

A tooth implant is permanent, so the tooth will never move, which allows you to speak with confidence. Plus, you will be able to relax your facial muscles and speak more naturally and in a more pleasant tone than with dentures.

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