Do You Need an Emergency Dentist in Alexandria, VA?

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Dentistry

Dental emergencies happen. However, sometimes people are unaware that they need emergency care. While some oral injuries can wait, others need to be addressed immediately. So, you need to make sure your dentist is devoted to this type of care.

Emergency Services

Some of the cases commonly seen by an emergency dentist in Alexandria, VA involve cracked or broken teeth. Teeth can also require care because of a sports injury. The location of the tooth and the severity of the injury will determine if a patient needs emergency services.

You will need to contact an emergency dentist however, if a tooth is severely cracked, or receives nerve damage. Usually a cracked or fractured tooth occurs when a patient bites down too hard on food, suffers a fall, or is hit in the mouth.

A Damaged Nerve

If a tooth breaks or chips, it may not produce any discomfort. However, because the injured tooth can feel sharp, your tongue will notice it quite readily. If a large piece breaks off, then the nerve may also be damaged. As a result, you can experience severe pain if the nerve endings are exposed to cold or hot food and drinks.

You will also need to see an emergency dentist if you find you experience pain after releasing your bite. So, if you experience a broken tooth, contact your dentist without delay. The sooner you do so, the sooner he or she can determine the exact origin of the break and whether or not the nerve is affected. If the nerve is damaged, a root canal treatment will usually be necessary.

After you make an appointment to see an Alexandria emergency dentist about a broken tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water before applying a gauze material to stop the bleeding. If the gauze does not work, use a tea bag instead. Also, apply a cold pack outside the area of the broken tooth to relieve the pain and lessen the swelling. Take a pain reliever to further ameliorate any discomfort.

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