Oral Health and Each Dentist in Anne Arundel

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Dentist

Each Dentist in Anne Arundel is considered a counselor of oral health. They will help patients determine what personalized prevention plan should be used. This is done taking into account the person’s risk (shape, position, the fragility of the teeth), the amount of bacterial flora, his or her diet, whether or not the patient plays sports, etc. The dentist defines their fluorine needs and advises them on its use. Dental clinics will also ensure the rehabilitation and preservation of all teeth.

Prevention review is a question of diagnosing a person’s decay and periodontal risk, and may also implement prevention tips that are adapted to each without waiting for the appearance of pathologies. This examination takes into account the characteristics of the individual: general health, oral health, salivary characteristics, food habits, etc. With this review, patients will receive:

   *     Personalized hygiene advice;

   *     Prescriptions (fluoride, etc.);

   *     Indications for preventive care such as applications of fluorinated varnish, prophylactic filling of deep dental furrows, and so on; and

   *     The frequency of dental consultations that are necessary to maintain good oral health.

A person’s teeth, especially those of a child, are fragile and precious. To protect you and your family from cavities and other discomforts, here are some tips provided by a local Dentist in Anne Arundel to ensure a bright smile. During adolescence, the risk of getting a cavity is particularly high. In 80% of cases, cavities develop in the furrows of the molars. By casting a film of synthetic resin fluid onto said furrows, it is possible to prevent cavities from forming or getting worse. This treatment can be performed as soon as the first molars come in. Children who still drink milk before they go to bed experience the most dental issues, especially if the child does not get their teeth brushed before lying down.

Sweets should never be consumed at night. Whenever possible, sugar-free candy or chewing gum should be preferred. Additional fluoride intake during pregnancy, and in childhood, can be advised by a doctor in order to strengthen the person’s teeth. Finally, it is essential to let the child know the use of the toothbrush, from the age of two or three years. Contact Annapolis Dental Associates for more information.

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