Dental Offices For Sale in California Increasingly Appeal to Younger Dentists

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Dentist

Building up a dental practice from scratch can take many years, as a vast number of experienced dentists have realized and experienced. In the past, younger dentists would often sign on at practices established by more experienced ones, eventually taking them over when retirement time for the latter approached. That has become quite a bit less common than in the past, with many young dentists today preferring the security and work-life balance that they find typical of large dental care organizations. With so many experienced dentists still seeking to move on and retire, however, the number of dental offices for sale in California has risen steadily for many years. Brokers like Western Practice Sales therefore often have some truly appealing options for younger dentists to look into and consider.

Buying an active dental practice and taking it over can be an excellent way of combining the security that so many seek with the potential and rewards to which only practice owners normally have access. While working as a dentist for a large organization can mean having a nine-to-five style of work to enjoy, it will also inevitably entail a defined salary and benefits package that does not scale with growth or success. The owner of a practice, on the other hand, will be the one to reap any growth-related benefits that follow, while also looking after an asset whose own value will grow over the years, as well.

In the past, that would normally have required either starting a brand-new practice or working for years as a junior dentist in an established one just to have the opportunity to take over the operation later on. With so many dental offices for sale in California, however, ambitious dentists have a third option before them that can be a lot more appealing. While it will still require a significant financial investment, in the vast majority of cases, to acquire an active practice, all the other pieces will typically be easy to put into place. Given the attractiveness and potential benefits of this option, it should be no surprise that a great many younger dentists are starting to understand that there is at least one more option very much worth exploring.

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