FAQs About Dental Implants In Annapolis

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Dentist

In Maryland, dental patients need more long-term replacement choices for missing teeth. While dentures and bridges are worthwhile choices, they don’t present the same strength as more modern selections. Dental implants provide a greater return on their investment by lasting throughout a patient’s lifetime. The following are FAQs about Dental Implants Annapolis.

What are the Greatest Advantages of These Implants?

The greatest advantages of these implants are that they won’t decay or break easily. They are installed in the jawbone, which makes them more secure than other options. The patient isn’t at a greater risk of developing periodontal disease with these installations. Patients can also eat with these teeth without worry.

What Risks are Involved with the Procedure?

The primary risks associated with these installations are an infection and bone loss. A dental infection may lead to further risks if the infection enters the bloodstream. Additionally, any bone loss could lead to issues of the jaw. Patients who are at a higher risk of developing mouth cancer need a complete assessment each year after the installation.

What Factors Define the Success Rate of the Implants?

Oral hygiene and maintaining overall great health affect the success rate of the implants. The patient also needs to report any diagnosis of a bone disorder to their dentist. If the jawbone weakens, the implants could become dislodged. The dentist may need to perform more bone grafts if the jaw is compromised.

Is There an Implant Option for Replacing All Teeth at Once?

Yes, the four implant installation is available for patients who have lost all their teeth. The procedure involves an installation of four implants in each jawbone. The four implants hold entire sections of dental implants in position. The procedure provides the complete replacement using teeth that are long-lasting.

In Maryland, dental patients replace their missing teeth quickly with the right dental implants. Their dentist provides them with a variety of options including individual implants. They also help the patient avoid unwanted circumstances such as infections. They provide comprehensive care to increase the success rate of the implants. Patients who want to acquire Dental Implants Annapolis Visit Site for an appointment today.

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