How to Prepare a Child for Their First Trip to a Dental Clinic in Newark NJ

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Dentistry

It’s important for parents to teach their children about proper dental hygiene at a young age. Visiting a dentist each year should be part of this lesson. Most dentists suggest a child has their first dental exam when their baby teeth begin to erupt. Parents may choose to wait a little longer, but they should make an appointment by the time their child turns three, at the latest. Before taking the child to their first exam at a Dental Clinic in Newark NJ, there are a few ways the parent can prepare their toddler for their appointment.

Talk About the Dentist

Remember that in a child’s mind; the dentist is a stranger they’ve never met before. They have no idea what to expect during their exam. This may produce fear. Help prepare the child in advance by talking about the dentist at home. Tell the child what the dentist does during an exam, including looking inside their mouth and cleaning their teeth. At this young age, there is no need to bring up more complicated treatments that could confuse the child. If possible, consider taking them to ChildSmiles•FamilySmiles for a tour before their first exam. Knowing what the dental office looks like beforehand will make them less anxious.

Teach Them About Teeth

Children are sponges when it comes to learning. They want to know everything about anything. As soon as a child begins to have their baby teeth appear, parents should begin teaching them about their teeth. Let them know that teeth are used for chewing and speaking. Once they are mobile, show the child how to properly clean their teeth. Let them see watch an adult brush their teeth, and have the child mimic it back. Show the child how to properly floss and rinse after meals. Being educated about the basics of dental hygiene will make the child more excited about visiting a Dental Clinic in Newark NJ for their very first appointment.

Taking a child to the dentist for the first time should be a fun learning experience for both the kid and the parent. Make sure the child knows what to expect beforehand by talking about the dentist at home and by teaching the child how to properly care for their teeth. Click here if it’s time to schedule a routine dental exam for your child.

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