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by | Oct 17, 2016 | Dentist

A smile is much more than a greeting. A smile can also indicate a person’s confidence and openness, and can make others feel as if they are friendly and approachable. A smiling face can also increase attractiveness, which in turn can make someone more successful in life. Of course, those who are embarrassed by their teeth may try to hide their smile. This can make them seem less attractive, unfriendly and unapproachable when in truth they are just uncomfortable showing their teeth. Fortunately, for those with a less than perfect smiles, there is a solution. Cosmetic dentistry can turn any smile picture-perfect, adding beauty, confidence, and greater self-esteem to all who desire it.

Most Dentists in Oyster Bay NY offer cosmetic dentistry procedures to those wishing to improve their smile. The most common procedures offered are teeth whitening or veneers, depending on the needs of the patient. For those with nicely aligned teeth that may be stained or dingy, teeth whitening might be all that is necessary to make their smile one they’ll want to show off to the world. The in-office whitening process usually takes less than an hour and can make a stunning difference in the patient’s smile. In addition to a confident and friendly smile, brightening the teeth several shades also will take years off the patient’s look, as bright and shiny teeth are always a sign of youthfulness.

When teeth are uneven, cracked or chipped they may need more than just whitening to look their best. Fortunately, porcelain veneers can make all the difference in the world. Dentists in Oyster Bay NY adhere veneers over the patient’s existing teeth with a strong adhesive. With proper care, veneers can last for many years. These paper-thin tooth shells will cover any imperfections and give the patient a movie-star quality smile with only a couple dental visits. The veneers are molded to fit the patient’s mouth perfectly, giving them a natural look and feel.

Nobody should live with a smile they are embarrassed to show. Whether it’s a simple whitening procedure or veneers that are needed to make the smile stunning, the Locust Valley Dental Group will do what it takes. Just click here to learn more about their cosmetic dental procedures and how to get that picture-perfect smile.

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