Dental Implants in Salem OR Save Smiles

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Dental Care

Losing one or more teeth due to an accident or decay can be very traumatizing because it completely changes the appearance of the smile. This causes the patient to become uncomfortable with their appearance and they lose self-esteem and confidence. There is now a permanent solution for those suffering from missing teeth. Dental Implants in Salem OR are the most effective solution for those suffering from tooth loss. The implants look and feel just like a natural tooth and they are quite durable. They offer support for the surrounding teeth and bones and this prevents any type of shifting as well.

The process for getting dental implants begins with a consultation with a dentist to make certain the patient is a good candidate. Once the treatment plan is decided upon, a titanium rod is surgically placed in the jawbone. This rod serves as an anchor for a dental prosthetic. The prosthetic will be placed once the area of the surgery is fully healed. This completes the smile and allows the patient to chew and speak more easily. Most people are thrilled that this is a permanent option because, in the past, there were no permanent solutions to tooth loss. A dentist will replace one or more missing teeth with this option and this fully restores the natural smile.

It is very important to choose a dental provider offering the latest in diagnostic equipment and treatment options. Many people in the Salem area choose Riverfront Dental LLC for all their dental needs. They offer excellent care with a gentle touch. In addition to cosmetic dentistry options, they also offer general dentistry care. This means that they offer care for the entire family, making it more convenient to schedule appointments.

Once dental implants in Salem OR are placed, the patient will regain confidence in their appearance. Most insurance plans cover this treatment option and the results are fantastic. Implants help improve the functionality of the teeth. They also help to restore a smile and this gives the patient a lot more to smile about. This option is worth consideration for patients who have one or more missing teeth.

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