What Should You Know About TMJ Dentistry in Ocala?

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Dentistry

The TMJ, formally known as the temporomandibular joint, is the hinge joint located just in front of the ear, allowing the jaws to open and close properly. Over time, these joints can become worn, leading to increasing pain and difficulty properly moving the jaws. Thankfully, there are procedures that can help stop the pain and improve function with TMJ dentistry in Ocala.

There are many causes of TMJ pain, including grinding the teeth, age, misalignment in the teeth, poor posture, and frequent gum chewing. The two major symptoms a person will experience when they have TMJ syndrome are a pain in the jaw and a clicking or popping sound when opening or closing their jaw. This sound is especially noticed when the jaws are opened wide.

Patients with TMJ syndrome may also experience pain in their ears, frequent headaches, stiff jaws, pain in the temples, and locked jaws. While mild cases of the syndrome respond well to rest, ice applications, and over-the-counter pain medicine, severe cases may need dental intervention. There are several treatments a dentist can use to treat the condition and help relieve the pain a patient is feeling.

With TMJ dentistry in Ocala, patients sometimes must go through surgery to correct the jaw issue. This is typically only carried out as a last resort when dental splinting and other forms of treatment have proven unsuccessful. One of the latest treatment offerings is Botox injections, which have proven beneficial in some patients, allowing the muscles that hold the jaw in place to become more relaxed, so there is less pressure and pain.

The good news for patients with TMJ syndrome is the condition is easily treated and can typically be managed even when a severe flare-up is occurring. Many patients find it beneficial to take steroids and pain medications to lessen the inflammation that is often caused.

If you are dealing with the painful symptoms of this condition, your dentist can help. For further information on the available treatments, contact Exceptional Dentistry so you can have a consultation appointment scheduled. With a full examination, the dentist can determine the best form of treatment for your needs.

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