Advantages Of Dental Crowns In Toronto

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Dentistry

One of the most common dental treatments is dental crowns. A crown is a custom cap that is made to fit over the entire tooth. It goes from the gum line to the chewing surface. Crowns are used for both medical and cosmetic purposes. Dental crowns Toronto are a very common treatment because they provide many benefits.

Crowns Relieve Pain

If an individual suffers from severe tooth decay, a root infection, or if they broke or chipped a tooth, it can be very uncomfortable and often times, painful. Even if the initial problem has been treated, there can still be some discomfort. Dental crowns can prevent any residual pain and sensitivity.

The Treatment is Simple

Many people believe that crowns are an invasive treatment. This is not true. If a dental crown is necessary, the dentist would file down the damaged tooth to fit the crown, and then make a mold for the crown. When the crown is molded in the lab, it would be easily placed over the damaged tooth.

Crowns Look Very Natural

Dental crowns Toronto look very natural. The dentist would shape the crown so that it is the exact size and specification for the tooth that needs repair. It is also dyed so that it matches the existing teeth. When the treatment is complete, nobody would even know that the individual has a dental crown.

Improved Appearance

One of the major benefits of dental crowns is that they can greatly improve the appearance of a person’s smile. If they have a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth, it can have a negative effect on the appearance of their smile A dental crown can easily cover up the damaged tooth, improving the appearance of the person’s smile.

They Last For Years

Dental crowns last for a long time. With proper care, such as brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist, the crown should last for 15 to 30 years.

If an individual is suffering from tooth decay or a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth, dental crowns are a great way to repair the problem so that they look and feel better. For more information, Visit us. ‘

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