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At birth, each baby is born with no teeth. These will gradually appear a few months after birth. After a few years, they will fall out and give way to permanent teeth. Discover the different steps that lead to the appearance of adult teeth. People can also schedule a consult with their local dentist in Attleboro MA.

The first teeth

Otherwise known as primary or “milk” teeth, these teeth appear from the age of 6 months, on average. Sometimes they show up earlier (around 3 months) or later (9 months). If the first breakthrough still has not occurred at 1 year of age, the parent should consider seeing a dentist in Attleboro MA. The practitioner will conduct an X-ray to check for teeth. The incisors appear first, next comes the first molars, the canines and then the second molars. 20 primary teeth should be pushed through before the child reaches 30 months old.

Fall of the first teeth and appearance of permanent teeth

The first teeth will fall out around 6 years old. They fall one after the other and are replaced as the body deems necessary. When they have all fallen out and the adult teeth have appeared, these teeth are described as “definitive”. Here is a summary of the ages at which teeth usually fall out:

  • Incisors fall out from 6 years to 9 years old. They are replaced in the following year.
  • Canines fall out anywhere between 10 years to 12 years of age and are replaced within a year.
  • Molars fall out before the child turns 11 years old. They are replaced a couple of years later. Note that the first definitive molar appears around 6 years of age.
  • At about 12 years of age, the second definitive molars push through.

You have to wait about 18 years to see wisdom teeth come in, which correspond to the third permanent molars.

Oral hygiene is essential for all ages

There is no age limit to taking care of your teeth. Some tend to think that temporary teeth do not deserve special attention since they will fall out anyway. Contrary to popular belief, their health affects the health of future teeth. To learn more about Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates, click here.

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