Aspects of Oral Surgery in Westbury, NY

by | May 31, 2016 | Dental Implants

Oral surgery in Westbury, NY is an important aspect of the field of dentistry. Oral surgery includes tooth extraction, jaw surgery, dental implants and corrective surgery of oral diseases such as cancer. Oral surgery is not like a typical surgery. The recovery from surgeries are generally about one week unlike, a typical surgery. There is normally no waiting list like typical surgeries, so you are able to Schedule an appointment at your ease and convenience.

Before an Oral Surgery in Westbury, NY, you need to make the appropriate preparations. The night before you need to ensure that you have appropriate transportation because you will undergo anesthesia. Anesthesia has a different effect on some, and you may not be able to drive yourself home. You also may have to fast in the preparation of your oral surgery. Before you fast, you should consult with the dentist preforming the surgery to see how long before your surgery you should fast.

You may have to have oral surgery for a variety of reasons. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, extreme tooth decay or primary teeth that have failed to fall out, you may need a tooth extraction to solve these. Reasons for corrective jaw surgery includes TMJ, trauma of the jaw, imperfect bite, improper closing of the mouth, difficulty chewing or grinding of the teeth. If you have a missing or are in need of stability with dentures, you may need a dental implant. Finally, if you have an oral disease such as gingivitis or oral cancer, you may need surgery to correct this. The goal of the corrective surgery is to locate and treat the areas.

After surgery, you may experience some pain and discomfort. The dentist will write a prescription of antibiotics to prevent infection after surgery. You should be weary of your food choices for the next few weeks also. Try to pick foods that are soft and are easily chewed. You should avoid anything crunchy or hard until your mouth has healed fully.

If you have any issues with your oral health, you should consult your dentist. You may be in need of a surgery to correct these issues. Oral surgery can treat an array of issues and diseases. Oral surgeries are not typical. The recovery time is much faster and you can make your appointment at your convenience.

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