A Root Canal with Dentistry in the Modern World

by | May 31, 2016 | Dentist

It’s the early 1700’s and that rotten tooth has suppressed that once vibrant, come-hither smile. Without the means to hide the endearing tooth any longer, that decaying cuspid is soon to meet its demise. Perhaps it’s a multitasking expedition for the outing today. First for that haircut, then for that tooth extraction and all in this one-stop, shop. The string of rotten teeth on the door are a reminder that this is the place to assist with the current unpleasant predicament. Forget the kids in tow; they’re not welcome here. In walks the miracle worker of the day to remove from the mouth what the heavens bestowed there. This mortal soul is known by the community as the local barber. The sound of a 20th-century record being scratched infiltrates the air.

How can this be? Is there a trained professional in the house? It’s highly unlikely that the local barber of the era had any training to extract that troublesome tooth, other than his experience with intoxication and his assurance that the whiskey bottle is extended for the current operation. Children’s dental issues of the time were not viewed as a concern in any way, and it was nonsensical to invest any money into their oral future. All in the day of the 18th-century inhabitant’s life. Needless to say getting a Root Canal was simply non-existent. The more complicated procedures never saw the light of day until the mid 19th century.

Here in the 21st Century, it would serve you well to check out us for all procedures large and small. The modern technology of the day will provide a beautiful smile, and children are always welcome.

Over time, mouth hygiene, preventative services, and endodontic dentistry finally became the latest development in the dentistry world. All of a community’s inhabitants are now welcome too. More extensive studies on the cuspids were done with the Root Canal taking a place in the forefront in the 1800’s. No longer was the belief that all tooth-root concerns were a result of a pesky mouth worm that ate through the teeth and infected the gums.

Dentistry has come a long way. Hundreds of years later with improved technology, a culture bypasses the era’s rotten teeth with its saintly barber and his beckoning bottle of whiskey. The world is a better place for the experience. That vibrant, come-hither smile has just embarked. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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