Using An Emergency Dentist in 60654 When A Tooth Is Knocked Out

by | Aug 10, 2020 | Dentistry

If someone sustains a blow to their head causing one of their teeth to become dislodged, a trip to an emergency dentist in 60654 will be necessary. When a tooth comes out of the mouth, it is very important to try to get medical assistance right away. If the person can get to the dentist in less than an hour, there is a chance the tooth can reset back into the mouth.

It is important to keep the tooth hydrated while it is out of the mouth. This will help keep the root area intact so the dentist will have a better chance of placing it in the socket area. If the roots dry up, the tooth may not be able to be successfully implanted.

First, the person should attempt to put the tooth back into the socket. This is because the roots will have the needed nutrients in this area to keep them from drying. The tooth should be picked up from the floor or ground very carefully so the roots are not touched. The tooth should be rinsed with water to remove any bacteria from the surface. The person can then try to place it in the mouth to hold in place until they can be seen.

If the tooth does not successfully stay in the socket, they will need to try another method in keeping the tooth moist. Placing the tooth in a cup of milk is the best way to keep it from drying out. Using water is not recommended as there is a chance there are minerals in the liquid that would dry out the roots. Do not wrap the tooth in a paper towel or napkin as the cellulose they are made from would dry out the roots. If there is no cup of milk available, the tooth can be placed in the inner cheek to keep the roots from drying.

If someone needs to see an emergency dentist in 60654, they will want to go to an establishment with a high success rate in saving teeth in these types of situations. Check out Chicago Dental Arts for emergency tooth problems.

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