Smiles are Made More Beautiful With Teeth Whitening in Parker CO

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Dentist

Having a sparkling white smile allows individuals to feel more confident in their appearance. Unfortunately, staining sets in over time, even when individuals are careful to brush each day. When stains begin to occur, a person will often feel embarrassed about the appearance of their smile. Thankfully, the dentist can intervene and offer Teeth whitening in Parker CO. These treatments allow individuals to have their teeth whitened up to ten shades lighter.

When a patient comes in for teeth whitening, their teeth must be clean and free of any residue. Plaque, tartar and even food particles will prevent the whitening agent from penetrating past the enamel. Once the teeth have been cleaned, the dentist can go to work on performing Teeth whitening in Parker CO. The first step in the process is applying the dam that protects the sensitive tissues of the mouth.

It is vital these tissues are protected, or irritation may occur because of the strong whitening solution that is applied to the teeth. Once the gums and lips are protected, the dentist will apply the whitening gel which has an active ingredient of peroxide. Hydrogen and carbamide peroxide are used, depending on the patient’s needs for whitening. Hydrogen peroxide typically offers a stronger bleaching action.

The whitening agent is activated with a special light that is shone directly on the teeth. This increases the whitening power of the solution, so it is more effective in removing the deepest of stains. The average whitening session lasts around an hour, including preparation and finishing touches.

Once a person has gone through Teeth whitening in Parker CO, they may need to have more than one treatment to ensure they reach their desired shade. Some patients are given at-home protocols to help them continue whitening their teeth at home. This helps to keep stains at bay between treatments.

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