Three Procedures Routinely Performed By A Family Dentist In Grand Prairie, TX

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Dentist

Many dental offices in Texas offer dentistry services for adults and children of all ages. When families choose to schedule their appointments with a Family dentist in Grand Prairie TX, they can get a variety of dental services performed at the same location. Below you’ll learn about three different procedures that are often performed by a family dentist.

Regular Checkups and Cleanings
One of the most important dental procedures for people in every age group is a regular checkup and a cleaning. When individuals have their teeth cleaned, a dental professional uses specific instruments to scrape the tartar and plaque off the teeth. After cleaning the teeth, the dental hygienist applies polish to the front and back surfaces of each tooth. The polish makes the teeth smooth, which aids in keeping plaque from sticking to the teeth and causing cavities.

Root Canal Procedures
When the inside of a person’s tooth becomes damaged and infected, the tooth often becomes excessively painful for the individual. After cleaning out the infection and bacteria from the inside of the tooth during a root canal procedure, the dentist places a substitute material inside the tooth. This allows the tooth to function normally, and it also stops the tooth from hurting. If the infected tissue isn’t removed from the tooth in a timely manner, the tooth cannot be saved.

Denture Placement
A Family dentist in Grand Prairie TX also provides denture services for patients who have missing teeth. Patients who still have some of their teeth can get partial dentures. This type of denture replaces the teeth that are missing, and this mouth appliance attaches to the natural teeth. Individuals who don’t have any of their natural teeth left can get a set of full dentures. These dentures fit on the top and bottom gums so the patient has a full set of teeth. The dentist makes a replica of the patient’s gums before making the dentures, ensuring a secure fit.

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