Why Spring Is the Best Time of Year for Cosmetic Dentistry in Oakville

by | Jul 20, 2018 | Dentist

There really is no best season for Cosmetic Dentistry in Oakville, but many beauty and fashion experts suggest having this kind of work done in late winter or early spring. Several reasons account for this opinion as to why spring is the ideal time of year for teeth whitening or the application of porcelain veneers.

Big Social Events

Late spring, summer, and early fall are the most typical times of year for big social events. Weddings, graduations, and family reunions are all common events during these times of the year. A person has the chance to brighten and improve his or her smile before all these gatherings take place. Not only will this man or woman look more attractive at the event, the smile will be beautiful in photographs that might be posted online or kept in albums.

Two Popular Choices: Whitening and Veneers

When someone has become accustomed to keeping their lips closed when smiling due to lack of confidence in their teeth, cosmetic improvements are especially worthwhile. The simple process of teeth whitening at a clinic offering Cosmetic Dentistry Oakville can rejuvenate a smile and take years off the person’s appearance. The application of veneers can close small gaps between teeth, make short teeth a more normal length, and cover chipped teeth.

A Time for Healthy, Fresh Food

With spring also comes the time of year when people may feel more motivated to eat healthy since so much fresh produce is available from local sources for several months. After appointments at a dental practice such as Phelan Dental Clinic, the individual now can focus on eating goods that are good for the entire body. Teeth need calcium to stay strong, for example, and dark green, leafy vegetables provide this essential nutrient.

Long-Lasting Effects

The effects of whitening and the beauty of the veneers will last a long time. As Christmas approaches, the individual appreciates greater confidence when attending holiday parties and family gatherings. Whitening sessions may need to be done again in future years, but that depends on whether the person drinks a lot of dark beverages or eats foods that gradually discolour the enamel.

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