Recommended Home Care for Dentures in Kona

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Dentistry

For people who are missing a full row of teeth, dentures are a lifesaver. Not only do dentures help a person chew and speak properly, but their new teeth also provide more self-confidence. To keep Dentures in Kona in like-new condition, it’s important to follow proper home care.

Care During and After Meals

While dentures make it possible to chew many types of foods, there are certain things that should be avoided. Many denture wearers find it difficult to eat extremely crunchy or chewy foods, such as apples or bagels. Avoiding these foods will help prevent discomfort during meals.

After eating, Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. recommends wearers remove and thoroughly rinse their dentures. This prevents bad breath and washes away bacteria. Before reinserting the dentures, wearers should also gargle and rinse their mouth with either water or mouthwash.

Brush Daily

Just like natural teeth, it’s also important to brush Dentures in Kona. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to remove plaque and food particles. A non-abrasive denture solution may also be used to freshen the dentures. Always avoid harsh abrasives, including whitening toothpaste, and stiff brushes.

Be sure to brush in all of the grooves of the dentures. If the wearer uses denture adhesive, they should also take care to use the toothbrush to remove any old glue. Brushing once a day should be enough to keep dentures looking like new.

Overnight Care

After a full day of wear, dentures need to be soaked in water overnight. If dentures dry out, they may warp or even crack. Always soak dentures in room-temperature water because hot or boiling water may cause the dentures to bend and lose their shape.

Many dentists also recommend soaking with a mild denture cleaner. Never use products that are not specifically designed for dentures, as they may cause irreversible damage. Be sure to fully rinse off any remaining denture solution in the morning.

Anyone who wears dentures should follow a strict home regimen to ensure their false teeth last for many years. Rinsing after meals, brushing every day, and soaking overnight are all ways to keep dentures looking their best. Click Here to find out if you’re an ideal candidate for dentures.

Recommended Home Care for Dentures in Kona

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