Reveal Your Beautiful Smile Through Implant Dentistry

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Dental Care

Missing teeth not only make chewing difficult, but this issue can also cause self-esteem problems. When a person is suffering from missing teeth, there is a replacement option that can allow them to have the smile they have always longed for. A permanent replacement option can be found through Implant Dentistry. Dental implants can completely replace any missing teeth so a person’s smile is made beautiful and fully functioning. Through this information, people can learn more about what to expect when they have their teeth replaced through dental implants.

Implants need to be put in place through a surgical procedure that is carried out in the dental office. Since this is an outpatient procedure, there is no need for a person to spend the night at the hospital. The procedure is typically done under local anesthetic unless several implants are being put in place in one procedure. In this case, general anesthesia would be a safer option.

There are three pieces to each full implant. The first part is the titanium implant that is drilled into the jawbone. When this piece is put in, it begins to bond with the bone, so there is a strong foundation for the implant tooth. Bonding takes time so the dentist will inform the patient of what foods they can eat and what activities to avoid as this process proceeds.

Over the top of the implant rests an abutment which allows the attachment of the artificial crown. It is important the crown can attach snugly to the abutment so a proper function can be restored. With all three pieces combined, the person will be able to chew their food normally without being worried about breaking their new tooth. Since these last a lifetime, a person never has to worry about missing teeth again.

If you have missing teeth that are preventing you from smiling with confidence, there is hope to be found through Implant Dentistry. Visit website so you can learn more about the dental services that are available. With dental implants, a person’s smile can be made complete so they can smile with confidence. Call the office today to schedule your consultation appointment.

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