Is It Time to Talk with the Family Dentist in Redding About Dental Implants?

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Dental

There is no doubt that the teeth are not in as good a shape as they were in years past. Attempting to correct the problems will take a lot of time and cost a great deal of money. Even with that investment, other issues will begin to crop up in the years ahead. Now may be the right time to talk with the Family Dentist in Redding about the possibility of dental implants. Here are some of the factors that will need to be discussed.

Are Implants a Possibility?

One of the things that the Family Dentist in Redding will make clear up front is that not everyone is a candidate for dental implants. The bone structure of the jaw must be sturdy enough to provide a stable setting for those implants. Before any more discussion takes place, it pays to evaluate the condition of the jaw bones and make sure implants are an option.

The Cost of Implants Versus Other Procedures

It also pays to compare the cost of dental implants with the cumulative expense of the procedures needed to restore the natural teeth. Talk with the dentist about how much it would cost for those veneers, caps, and any other procedure needed to restore the teeth and keep them strong. Move on to discuss the cost involved with getting the implants. Depending on the age of the patient and the general condition of the teeth, the recommendation may be to hold off on the implants for another decade or so, and go ahead with the other procedures.

Caring for the Implants

Assuming the patient is a candidate for dental implants and the dentist agrees this is the most practical solution, spend some time talking about what happens once they are in place. Knowing what changes must be made to the daily dental hygiene regimen is important and why cleanings and regular dental appointments will still be necessary.

For anyone interested in the idea of implants, Visit site today and take a look at the information provided. Schedule an appointment and have the teeth checked thoroughly. Once the exam is complete, it will be possible to know if implants are worth discussing, or if some other approach is in the best interests of the patient.

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