Optional Cosmetic Dental Care Services in Ocala Rejuvenate the Patient’s Smile

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Dentist

Most people have traditionally received dental care services in Ocala for routine exams and teeth cleaning, and have not bothered with optional services. On the rare occasion when the patient needs a treatment like a cavity filled or root canal therapy, they grudgingly have the work done because it’s necessary.

In recent years, however, a strong trend has developed in which people want cosmetic treatments to make their teeth look as white and straight as could be reasonably expected. Dental insurance does not pay for these optional services, which shows the amount of dedication many people now have to enjoying a truly beautiful smile.

More Necessary Cosmetic Treatment

This isn’t cosmetic treatment to resolve a very noticeable flaw, such as a tooth in front that became dark after nerve damage and needed root canal therapy to save the tooth. A tooth like this can be covered with a crown that looks almost exactly like a normal tooth. Someone with this kind of flaw is likely to feel very self-conscious about his or her smile, and experiences significant relief when all the teeth are the same color again.


Today’s cosmetic dental care services in Ocala offer other treatments not necessarily to eliminate obvious flaws but to enhance and rejuvenate the individual’s smile. Teeth tend to become a bit yellow as a person ages, for example, and consuming foods and beverages that stain teeth worsen the problem. Whitening restores the teeth to their youthful light color. The first whitening session or two is performed at the clinic, after which the patient continues treatments at home.

Aligners and Veneers

Clear removable aligners from a clinic such as Exceptional Dentistry & Sedation Center can bring teeth to a near-perfect straightness without the patient having to wear metal braces. A veneer placed over the front of a chipped tooth makes its shape symmetrical again. Veneers also can make abnormally short teeth look longer and cover gaps between teeth in front. A small gap between teeth is relatively common, and this can be resolved without aligners. Please visit the website ExceptionalDentistry.com to learn more about this particular dental practice.

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