Dental Veneers in Toms River, NJ Are a Popular Cosmetic Restoration

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Dentist

In order to realize a better smile, sometimes you need to make some cosmetic adjustments. One innovative way to restore your smile is with porcelain veneers. Not only does this cosmetic enhancement look natural, it is durable as well.

As a result, dental veneers in Toms River, NJ are a popular restoration. The veneers, which are extremely thin, can be applied with natural-looking results. Plus, the color of the veneer can be matched to your natural tooth color. Therefore, the addition of several veneers can produce noticeable improvements.

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When Veneers Are Recommended

When dental veneers are recommended, it normally is done to correct one or more flaws, such as misshapen teeth, discoloration, or alignment. Veneers are also applied to correct fractured, chipped, or stained tooth surfaces.

Veneers Are Often Combined with Other Cosmetic Restorations

Sometimes the inclusion of dental veneers is combined with dental implants, teeth whitening, bonding, or a bridge. Therefore, veneers can be applied to fix several teeth, all the teeth, or be incorporated with another cosmetic treatment. For example, you may want to combine whitening the teeth with veneers, which will be added to adjust the alignment.

A Quick Process

Once you make the decision to have dental veneers applied, the process takes very little time to facilitate. Normally, you can get the procedure completed in two appointments. The recovery time is minimal as well.


While you may experience some sensitivity after the veneers are placed, this is only temporary. You need to go through a period of adaptation as a small portion of the enamel has been removed.

A Customized Smile

Because the porcelain of the veneers is stain resistant and the margins are simple to maintain and keep clean, you are rewarded with an improved and stronger smile. Veneers create a customized smile – one that is based on your specific dental needs.

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