Learning About Laser Dentistry in Madison, CT for Whitening Treatments

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Laser Dentistry Philadelphia can dramatically speed up positive results for teeth whitening. The process has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, allowing patients to achieve whiter teeth in less time than ever before. Because this is a more advanced form of whitening, patients usually must have an appointment beforehand so the dentist can determine if they are good candidates for laser whitening. They will need to be up to date on their routine dental exams and professional teeth cleaning before any whitening treatment. Cosmetic treatments are not performed unless the patient’s teeth and gums are healthy. That means any cavities must be filled first and even minor gum disease should be resolved.

During laser whitening, the dentist or hygienist first applies a hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth. Laser light is then shone on the teeth. The heat enhances the effectiveness of the bleach solution. The gel is a higher strength of hydrogen peroxide than normally purchased over the counter in drugstores. Those solutions generally only contain three percent of the active ingredient.

Whitening works for surface stains but not for intrinsic changes to the tooth color. For example, teeth that are discolored because of nerve damage cannot be whitened. Teeth that became yellow because of tetracycline usage during childhood also will not respond to whitening.

As with standard whitening therapy, Laser Dentistry in Philadelphia may require more than one session for optimum results. Patients may be provided with whitening trays to use at home after laser therapy in the clinic. Using the trays can also help maintain whiter teeth longer. If patients are willing to avoid substances that gradually stain teeth, that also maintains the brightness level. Coffee, tea and red wine are common culprits in teeth losing their shine. Smoking or chewing tobacco completely defeats the intention of whitening treatment, and dentists may not want to waste the patient’s time and money until tobacco use is given up.

All these concerns can be covered at the initial appointment with a dentist such as Absolute Smile. Visit the website for more information on this particular dental practice.

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