Infant Tongue-Tie Laser Surgery in Atlanta Can Often Be Done in a Dental Clinic

by | Jan 3, 2024 | Dentist

Some babies are born tongue-tied, which means that there is a small amount of tissue that attaches the tip of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. This can interfere with the child’s feeding, especially if they’re breastfed, which is why professional infant tongue-tie laser surgery in Atlanta is offered.

Many times, this important service is provided by pediatric dentists, making it simple to schedule the procedure so your baby will be fine once again. It is not a complicated procedure, but it does require a doctor with the right skills so that it is done right.

How to Get Started

When your infant is tongue- or lip-tied, it can be a real inconvenience, but a good pediatric dentist can work quickly to separate the child’s lip from their mouth so they can be more comfortable and, most importantly, so they can consume their formula or breast milk with ease. Standard infant tongue-tie laser surgery in Atlanta is fairly fast and thorough, so the results are instant once the procedure is done.

Feeling Much Better About Your Child’s Future

When your child is tongue-tied, it can affect their ability to eat or even to be comfortable, and parents don’t want that to happen. Fortunately, expert infant tongue-tie laser surgery in Atlanta is easy to find and usually covered by insurance, so you never have to worry about paying for the procedure. Even better, it isn’t usually that painful for the infant, in part because it’s not actual surgery. It is a fast procedure that is also safe.

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