Effective Dental Work From a Qualified Root Canal Dentist in Dallas, TX

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Pediatric Dentist

Working with the right root canal dentist in Dallas will help you get well again and avoid complications. Most people know that they will need to undergo anesthesia during a root canal. You should always choose a dentist you feel comfortable with who understands any complications you’ve had with anesthesia. The right dentist will have great local recommendations and a history of successful root canals. The root canal process typically takes two visits. The goal of this procedure is to remove damaged parts of the tooth and root interior. The tooth has usually developed pulp deep in the root. The dentist may clean the tooth and put a temporary filling inside it with a pin during the initial visit. The second visit will involve filling the tooth with the permanent material. Final visits will usually include X-rays and inspections to make sure the root canal was successful.

Some root canal operations will involve adding a crown. Most dentists put a crown on a tooth after a root canal in Dallas if it is a premolar, molar, or a grinding tooth near the back of the jaw. They may skip the crown on a molar that is otherwise intact after the root canal is complete.

Ask your dentist about their experience with root canals and when they typically do them. Most dentists will consider a root canal on a cracked or chipped tooth. They also often consider root canals for teeth that have had multiple procedures, faulty crowns, or ongoing issues with deep decay.

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