Here Are Signs That You Need to Get Your Invisalign in Park Ridge

by | Jun 9, 2023 | Cosmetic Dentists

Invisalign is a treatment that uses clear, custom-made aligners to move teeth into their proper position. It is an excellent alternative to traditional metal braces for those who want a more discreet option. If you’re considering Invisalign, here are some signs that you may be a good candidate for the treatment:

Crowded Teeth

If you have crowded teeth, meaning there isn’t enough room in your mouth for all of your teeth to fit appropriately, Invisalign can help. The aligners will gradually shift your teeth into an ideal position, creating space and improving the overall appearance of your smile.

Gaps Between Teeth

If you have gaps between your teeth, Invisalign can close those gaps and create a more even appearance in your smile. This can also help improve your oral health, as gaps between teeth make it easier for food particles to become trapped, leading to decay and gum disease.

Overbite or Underbite

An overbite is where your upper teeth protrude too far forward, and an underbite is where your lower teeth protrude too far forward. Invisalign can help correct these issues by gradually shifting your teeth into the correct position.


This occurs when some of your upper teeth bite inside your lower teeth. This can lead to tooth wear and other oral health issues. Invisalign can correct a crossbite by moving your teeth into a more aligned position.

TMJ Disorder

If you suffer from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, Invisalign can help alleviate some of your symptoms. By improving your bite alignment, your jaw muscles and joints will be better positioned, reducing pain and discomfort associated with TMJ.

Desire for Discreet Treatment

If you want a more discreet option than traditional metal braces, Invisalign in Park Ridge is a great choice. The clear aligners are nearly invisible, making them an excellent option for those who want to fix their teeth without drawing attention to their orthodontic treatment.

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