Five Signs You May Need Periodontic Treatment in New London, CT

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Dentist

Healthy gums are crucial for a healthy smile. If the gums are diseased, they will not be able to provide the nutrients and protection the teeth need to remain viable. Those with gum disease can experience pronounced tooth loss, which can cause them to feel self-conscious about the appearances of their smiles. It is imperative individuals are able to recognize the signs of gum disease so they will know when they need to see their dentist for Periodontic Treatment in New London CT.

The signs of periodontal disease include:

   *     Bright red gums that are tender when brushing or to the touch

   *     Bleeding gums while brushing or eating certain foods

   *     Tooth roots that are being exposed because of receding gums

   *     Pus drainage coming from the gum tissue

   *     Loose teeth

   *     Foul breath

   *     Sores on the gums

   *     Trouble biting normally

Unfortunately, many people are not aware they have gum disease right away. In its earlier forms, gum disease does not always show enough signs to warrant alarm unless an individual knows the signs to look for. When gum disease is in its earliest stages, it is fairly easy to treat and can be fully reversed. Once it reaches the later stages, it can become increasingly difficult to treat and often requires ongoing treatment.

Routine dental treatments can allow a patient to discover they have gum disease before it progresses and becomes severe. Permanent damage can occur and cause an individual to lose their teeth if they do not seek immediate treatment.

Periodontic Treatment in New London CT involves a concerted approach that involves several steps. The first step is to bring the infection under control so it does not continue to progress and cause greater risks to a person’s health.

As a part of the treatment, the dentist will first work to heal the gums and then pursue cosmetic intervention to repair any damage that may have been left behind. Those who are suffering from an infection need to see the dentist right away.

If you are experiencing the signs of periodontal disease, contact the office of Matyas & Matyas. They will provide you with the dental treatments you need so your mouth can be healed.

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