FAQs About Teeth Replacement Options Provided By Professional Dental Care In Syracuse, NY

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In New York, dentists provide patients with invaluable replacements for missing teeth. These selections provide a new smile and restore functionality. They prevent choking hazards and enable patients to speak properly. The following are FAQs about teeth replacement options provided by professional Dental Care Syracuse NY.

How are Dentures and Partials Created and Used?

The dentist creates a mold of the patient’s gums. They need a copy of the ridges of their gums to create the dentures or partial. These ridges secure the appliance into the patient’s mouth. The teeth are created according to images of the patient’s natural teeth and measurements of the mouth. Typically, the dentist sends the model to a lab to create these devices.

The patient uses an adhesive to secure the appliances into their mouth. The dentist may recommend a gel adhesive or wafers. They are inexpensive and available through most local retailers.

How are Dental Implants Installed and What are Their Benefits?

Dental implants are installed in one of two ways. The dentist breaks down the process into two steps. First, they install the titanium roots and cover them with a temporary partial. Next, they install the implant crown by connecting it with an abutment. The alternative is to complete both steps at once. The all-in-one installation may require additional costs for the patient.

The benefits of the devices are that they are long-lasting and look more natural than most teeth replacement choices. They won’t slip out of the mouth like dentures or partials. They perform in the same manner as natural teeth.

How are Crowns Used to Install Permanent Bridges?

Crowns are used to connect a permanent bridge into the mouth. They are positioned into the mouth via the installation of crowns at each end. The dentist bonds the partial to the gum line to secure it more effectively.

In New York, dental professionals provide amazing solutions to tooth loss. Through a variety of devices, dental professionals restore the smile and restore function. Patients who need Dental Care Syracuse NY contact Elite Dental & Denture PC or visit  for more details about these replacement opportunities.

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