Family Dentistry in Bowie, MD Includes Laser Gum Treatments

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Dentist

Thanks to the latest upgrades in technology, you can receive dental treatments that are comfortable and pain-free. Treatments that once featured incisions or scalpels can now be done with laser therapy. Lasers can be used to re-contour gums that are inflamed or improve the looks of gummy smiles.

Immediate Relief without Pain During and After the Procedure

Laser dentistry is one of the specialties highlighted in family dentistry in Bowie, MD. Besides treating inflamed gums, lasers eliminate mouth ulcers or canker sores as well. This form of therapy provides immediate relief without any feelings of discomfort during the therapy or after it.

How Lasers Improve Gum Health

If you are seeking a family dentistry provider who uses the latest in pain-free technologies, you want to make sure that he or she offers laser treatments in the listing of services. Besides killing infection or bacteria, a laser treatment stimulates stem cells in the tissues of the gum. As a result, new collagen, bone, and connective tissues are formed. The body’s healing process regenerates the bone and ligaments around the teeth.

Would You Like to Have Whiter Teeth?

Family dentistry services also lead to whiter teeth. If your teeth have faded, you can take advantage of the latest in tooth bleaching services. The dentist can make whitening trays that are custom-fitted and can be worn at home. All the patient needs to do is follow the directions for whitening the teeth. If you want a whiter and brighter smile at an affordable price, this is a viable solution.

Where to Obtain Further Information Online

Whether you would like to take advantage of laser services or whitening or wish to schedule preventative care, visit the website  for further details. Why should you be afraid to smile when you can benefit from the latest innovations in dentistry? Besides general dentistry, laser treatments, and whitening services, you can receive straightening and implant services as well.

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