Family Dental Care and Protecting Primary Teeth from Cavities

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Dentist

Family Dental Care Deforest WI entails encompassing services for the oral health of small children to the elderly. Restorative and cosmetic services are available for teens and adults. Procedures frequently performed are composite fillings, dental implants, teeth whitening and crowns. 3D diagnostic imaging shows a view of patient’s oral anatomy in high definition. Images can be rotated 360 degrees around. The computer can mask off areas of no concern to put emphasis on one section of the oral makeup. A closer detailed view is generated to better analyze x-ray images. Images can be uploaded to the mobile devices of patients for them to view and understand their own dental health. 3D diagnostic x-ray imaging can detect early signs of oral disease that can’t be seen by the eye.

Oral health in childhood donates to the health of teeth in adulthood. Permanent teeth can pay the price for bad primary teeth. It seems to make sense that primary teeth eventually fall out so they shouldn’t have an impact on the condition of permanent teeth. Actually, tooth decay can develop as soon as baby teeth arrive. Primary teeth are in close vicinity to the permanent teeth developing in the gums above them. Therefore, tooth decay and the bacteria that causes it in baby teeth can leach into the gums. The bacteria can come in contact with permanent teeth. Baby teeth stricken with decay can have permanent teeth in a less than healthy condition before they even grow out. Juice and milk served from toddler cups can promote tooth decay when a child has too many servings per day. For the best precautionary practices, a dentist for Family Dental Care gives parents special instructions for childhood oral care.

Grinding and clenching can damage teeth during sleep. Since most aren’t aware they’re doing it, they also aren’t aware that tooth enamel is being damaged overnight. A dentist at Caldwell, Bills & Petrilli Dentistry can see visible signs of tooth grinding with an examination. Those who are already aware of teeth grinding in the sleep should tell their dentist. Night guard therapy uses an appliance that stops the under-surface of teeth from coming in contact. Teeth grinding damages the part of tooth enamel used for chewing. Loss of that part of enamel can cause serious problems. A dentist can find the best solution for teeth grinding after administering a manual examination.

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