Choosing a Provider of Pediatric Dentistry in Cedarburg, WI

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Dentist

Choosing the right provider of Pediatric Dentistry in Cedarburg, WI is a vital part of helping kids develop good dental routines for a lifetime. Children should always see a dentist that caters specifically to their age group. A pediatric dentist should have a degree from an accredited dentistry school, followed by an additional two years of training in pediatric dentistry procedures. While most patients will be children, pediatric dentists do sometimes work with special needs adults as well.

Parents should take their child to the pediatric dentist for the first time by the time they have their first birthday. If the child happens to develop their first tooth before they turn one, the first visit should be done when that tooth erupts. Even if a one year old has no signs of teeth eruption at all, it is important to take them in to see a pediatric dentist so they can be evaluated for oral health. If the child does not develop teeth on schedule, it can cause problems with eating and speaking, but the pediatric dentist can determine why teeth are not emerging and help remedy any issues promptly.

The pediatric dentist plays a number of different roles in a child’s life as they grow up. In many cases, the pediatric dentist will be one of the first people to help children learn how to brush and floss. Of course, parents have the responsibility of making sure that their children follow the oral healthcare routines given to them by the pediatric dentist on a daily basis.

In the rare instances where children suffer from some type of trauma or injury to the mouth, the pediatric dentist will be there to help. If a child loses a tooth due to collision or trauma, retrieve the tooth and bring it into the dentist. In some cases, the pediatric dentist can save the tooth and its root structure. Most children need to see the pediatric dentist two times per year, but each child is unique. If currently looking for a local Pediatric Dentistry in Cedarburg, WI area, Contact Mequon Smile Design now.

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