Brushing Tips From a Dentist in Victorville

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Dental

The truth is that brushing needs to be carried out using correct techniques to achieve good results, including removing plaque and preventing serious illnesses. Maintaining a healthy smile should be a person’s top priority and brushing can lead to many mistakes. Dentists could even say that many people ignore the universally correct technique. Surely this is because they have never received proper instructions from his or her Dentist in Victorville.

Here are some of the most common mistakes when brushing.

*      Not following a specific pattern: At the time of brushing, it is a good idea to not leave any corner uncleaned. Start at the far end (the molars on the right side) and brush the entire arch in front, and then move to the palate. Finally, you must repeat all the steps in the other arch.

*      Incorrect brushing techniques: Brushing should be done with a sweeping motion and vertically (gum to tooth in both arches). Manual toothbrush bristles should slope about 45 degrees and should never pass horizontally.

*      People do not clean or dry the manual toothbrush: After use, the brush must be rinsed with water and dried (air or towel). In this way, people will avoid fungi from developing due to moisture.
Not changing their brush every three months: Every yearly quarter, manual toothbrushes should be replaced because bristles are in poor condition.

*      Brush immediately after eating: If a person eats acidic foods (such as energy drinks, sodas, juices…), it is best to wait about twenty minutes before brushing the teeth. This allows the saliva to neutralize the acid and not to attack your mouth even after a good cleaning.

*      Use a manual brush with hard bristles: In general, each Dentist in Victorville will advise using soft or medium bristle brushes, never harsh and rigid. This helps people avoid damage to the teeth and especially the gums.

Some people always start in the same place and get tired the longer they brush. This will leave some parts of the mouth uncleaned or improperly cleaned. The way to solve this would be sure to brush all sides an equal amount of time. Contact West Covina Family Dentistry for more details.

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