You Can Replace Your Missing Teeth With Modern Dental Tulsa

by | Nov 24, 2022 | Dental

Modern dental in Tulsa can give you a beautiful smile again. You might have only one missing tooth, or perhaps, you must wear dentures because all of your teeth were already extracted. Today, most individuals can have dental implants inserted into their gum tissue immediately or within a few months. First, a dentist will examine your teeth and collect medical images to determine if you have healthy bones and gums. If your gums and alveolar bones are in great condition, then a dentist can insert the metal posts right away. However, if you have mild gum disease or lack bone in the gums, then a dentist can treat the gingivitis and give you bone-strengthening medications.

Fewer Incisions

The original type of dental implants in Tulsa required using one metal post for each full-size dental crown. This type of implant is still used for many patients, but there are additional options. A dentist can create a metal or plastic support that will hold several full-size dental crowns with only one metal post. This type of dental appliance will hold two to six crowns, requiring fewer metal posts. With this type of dental implant, you can recover faster because there are fewer incisions in the gums.

Metal Posts

You are anaesthetized for dental implant surgery, and in some cases, you will require multiple surgeries over several days. The dentist drills one or more holes into your gums to insert the metal posts. Most posts are made from titanium because this metal is durable and resistant to any corrosion. The metal posts are made to hold screws that will hold the customized dental crowns that will match the color of your natural teeth. To learn more about modern dental in Tulsa, contact Elwood Avenue Dental now.

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