Why Regular Visits to a Qualified Dentist in Keizer, OR is Essential for Good Oral Health

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Dental Care

Routine visits for check-ups at a qualified dentist in Keizer OR are essential to maintaining good oral health. It is just as important as ensuring the rest of the body is healthy. In the past, many individuals were fearful of going to the dentist. They were often afraid of having painful procedures performed. Dental procedures have been improved over the years, and people typically are quite comfortable during dental examinations, treatments, and procedures. There is really no need to avoid going for routine check-ups and having necessary dental treatments performed. This will help ensure that, if there are any dental conditions that need to be treated, they will be caught early and treated before the conditions become worse.

Delaying dental visits and treatments may not only cause individuals to risk having the decay spread to other teeth, but it can even cause them to lose teeth or develop other health conditions from gum infections. It is often surprising that some individuals avoid dental visits and treatments even while experiencing moderate to severe pain. It seems a bit silly to avoid going for treatment due to the fear of experiencing pain during treatments and procedures all while actually having severe tooth pain from decay and other dental conditions. Does this make any sense? No, it certainly does not. Many individuals can avoid developing severe dental conditions by keeping up with their routine visits with a qualified and experienced Dentist in Keizer OR.

On initial visits to the dentist, patients should expect to provide relevant health information by completing past medical history forms. This is imperative as it will help dentists to determine if certain treatments and procedures should be avoided due to possible interactions with medications patients are already taking for certain conditions. Patients should also expect to provide insurance or payment information during their initial visits.

Typically, on the first visit, patients will have x-rays performed and an examination done by the dentist. They may also have their teeth cleaned by a hygienist. Once the preliminary tests and routine processes are performed, dentists will go over any dental issues or conditions discovered during the examination. They will suggest treatments and procedures that are necessary and some optional ones to help improve patients’ smiles. Experienced dentists provide patients with relevant information concerning treatments and procedures as well as address any concerns they may have. For more information, please Contact Riverfront Dental LLC.

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