Why Do Most Geriatrics Need Full Mouth Reconstruction in Queens NY?

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Dental Care

The role of hygienists is imperative since they remove plaque and tartar and polish teeth to improve also the aesthetics of each person’s smile. Aging may also cause the occurrence of certain dental problems. In fact, there are some that are considered even more prevalent in older people. The teeth are weaker and fragile, they begin to lose strength and are more vulnerable to fractures, especially after a person turns 50 years old. Choosing a reputable dentist to perform a full mouth reconstruction in Queens NY also means finding a professional that provides special attention to each patient. The most common dental problems that may occur and that can be identified through periodic reviews are:

  • Oral Cancer. During dental checkup sessions, dental professionals should examine the patient’s mouth to detect signs of oral cancer. Regular visits to the dentist can help dentists identify these signs really early, which acts as an effective method of prevention. When choosing a dentist, make sure he or she is using the latest in dental technology.
  • Bruxism. Bruxism (clenching or grinding disorder) can have devastating effects on a patient ‘s oral health and may cause several side effects with his or her overall health. Headaches, jaw pain, dental issues -; and, in most cases, patients do not realize it. Bruxism is usually more common during the night while people are asleep. Dentists look for signs associated with this issue, such as the progressive wear of the enamel. They will also recommend a treatment plan.
  • Dry mouth. Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is one of the most common dental problems among people over 50 years. When the proper amount of saliva is not present, the teeth are more vulnerable to various problems such as dental decay.
  • Dentures. Dentures are removable dental appliances that replace lost natural teeth. Although some patients still choose this option, currently dental implants are the most appropriate and effective, mainly because it guarantees successful treatment. They provide greater durability and unquestioned functionality as well. Many people that need a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Queens NY start with dentures or implants.

It is clear that dental decay is one of the most common oral diseases and one of the main causes of tooth loss, so it is not only advisable to have a proper oral routine but also important to schedule routine visits. Click here to learn more.

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