What to Ask an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL When it Comes to Implants

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One of the most frequently asked questions about the placement of implants concerns the amount of pain involved. Depending on the clinical picture, any pain experienced can take on a variety of forms and localizations, which are of crucial importance. For example, if the nerve is damaged during the operation, pain can radiate to other parts of the face and cause numbness. Returning to the Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL who performed the surgery is a must at this point.

Understanding implant pain

Typical pain qualities could include jaw inflammation, dull or “tapping” pain, and so on. Knowing the exact location of the pain is crucial to care. If it lies exactly around the implant body, advanced peri-implantitis could occur.

If the pain is present or lies in the overlying mucosa, this may merely be an expression of excessive mucosal irritation. With the help of this varied information, the Implantologist can usually estimate what the actual cause is. If this is confirmed through further diagnostics, therapy can be initiated.

What are the main causes of dental implant pain?

If the implant has been in the jaw for a long time, inflammation is usually responsible for pain. These arise due to bacterial deposits around the implant and spread, especially if the surrounding mucosa is not firmly fused, more and more. This is when an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL speaks of peri-implantitis.

This is usually first treated with local measures and – depending on the progression – surgically. As a rule, however, this type of inflammation hardly causes any pain. Pain and discomfort may occur due to reactions of the implant environment.

The maxillary bone is located in close proximity to the antrum, which is one of the paranasal sinuses. Here it may be that implants can pass an infection to various parts of the body. In this case, the foreign bodies must be surgically removed and the infection treated with medication.

Keep in mind that implant success rates sit around 95%. This is the highest success rate of any dental procedure. Furthermore, but only very rarely, so-called scar pain can occur. This is due to special incisions during surgery and can cause undefined pain on the implant. Browse the Site for more details.

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