What Occurs When You Have Periodontal Disease?

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Dentist

Periodontics disease is caused by a bacterial infection. This disease rarely happens when you make sure to see a dentist regularly. When you have a check-up a dentist will remove any plaque from your teeth and check for cavities to see if you may need any teeth to be filled. A hard substance called plaque will collect towards the base of a tooth or in a problematic to reach area, and it contains bacteria that will destroy any dental enamel. If it isn’t caught quickly from a dental professional the bacteria will increase and invade your dental gum and pulp tissue. Symptoms range from mild to severe and there are a few warning signs to look for to determine if you are experiencing periodontitis or gingivitis. If you notice any of the following signs you need Chicago Periodontics treatment as soon as possible.

Some of the symptoms are:

* Difficulty in Eating
* Foul Taste in Mouth or Consistent Bad Breathe
* Receding Gums and Pockets Between Teeth and Gums
* Loose or Shifting Teeth
* Gums that Bleed After Brushing Teeth and Sensitive, Red or Swollen Gums

Dental Professionals Provide Several Treatments

When you inform a dental professional that you may have periodontics disease they will examine your teeth and look for the signs. If a specialist finds that you need to be treated they will let you know what treatment will be best for you. There are several treatments a specialist provides, but your treatment will vary on the stage of the disease and your overall health condition. The treatments range from reconstructive surgery that aims to restore your supportive tissues to non-surgical therapy that work to control bacteria growth.

Periodontics Treatments Include:

* Soft Tissue Grafts
* Pocket Reduction Surgery
* Bone Grafts
* Scaling and Root Planing
* Professional Dental Cleaning

Seek Professional Dental Advice Today

It is very important that you understand how crucial this disease can be and what it can do to your teeth. Nobody wants to lose their teeth but if you delay seeing a specialist this may happen. If you have any questions or concerns you should seek professional dental advice today by contacting Art of Modern Dentistry via their website.

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