What Is Addressed Through Tooth Whitening in Garden City, NY?

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Teeth Whitening

In New York, dental patients may access popular cosmetic procedures that could enhance their smiles. These procedures could include simplistic practices that are performed in about an hour. Tooth Whitening in Garden City NY is among these popular procedures that are completed in one dental visit.

Discoloration Due to the Aging Process

The aging process could produce yellowing of the tooth enamel. Over time, it could become more difficult for these patients to achieve a brighter smile on their own. This is where these whitening procedures are so beneficial. They eliminate the common effects associated with the aging process. The dentist can eliminate this discoloration quickly and help the patient achieve the whitest smile they’ve had in their lifetime.

Stains Produced by Food and Beverages

The peroxide solution used for the whitening treatments is beneficial in breaking down stains left behind by foods and beverages. These stains are broken down quickly due to the high quality of the peroxide treatment. The ultraviolet light used to enhance the effects of the treatments could eliminate these stains during one dental visit.

The Effects of Smoking Tobacco Products

Smoking tobacco products could provide tartar buildup and stains. The stains are addressed through whitening treatments. However, the patient shouldn’t expect immediate results if they have smoked for many years. The dentist may need to perform the procedure a few times to achieve maximum whiteness.

The Impact of Prescription Medication

Prescription medications that are taken on a regular basis could also contribute to tooth staining. The effects of prolonged exposure could cause discoloration that is extensive. The dentist should evaluate the effects of the medication before performing these treatments. Additionally, if the patient has any medical condition that could worsen due to exposure to the peroxide solution, they shouldn’t undergo these treatments.

New York dental patients could achieve a brilliant smile through teeth whitening treatments. These opportunities allow the dentist to use a peroxide solution to break down stubborn stains and remove them from tooth enamel. These treatments are helpful for a variety of patients with moderate to severe stains. Patients who would like to undergo tooth whitening in Garden City NY should Meet Dr. Grossman for an appointment today.

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