What are dental implants?

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Dentist

It was not too many years ago when there were two choices available for those who lost one or more teeth; they could have dentures or a bridge. Today there is a third choice, implant dentistry in Boston can now surgically position a dental implant directly into the jawbone. Once the implant has fused with the jaw bone a crown can be placed on the top; the result is a fixed replacement tooth that does not rely on the teeth either side of it or cause problems that are the bane of dentures.

How does an implant work?

Ann implant, which is a titanium “screw” is imbedded directly into the jawbone, once the bone and the implant fuse, the implant becomes a stable platform for an artificial tooth. One tooth can be mounted on an implant, a bridge can be fashioned and be mounted on a pair of implants and even dentures can be mounted on multiple implants.

A recipient of an implant must have healthy gums and enough bone to support it. Although it is favorable that there is sufficient natural bone, it is possible to build up the bone through a bone graft using bone from the patient or from a cadaver. Long term successful implant dentistry in Boston demands the patient be meticulous with his or her oral hygiene.

How does an implant differ from a natural tooth?

Dental implants and natural teeth look and feel almost identical, they also function in exactly the same way; but they are different. The biggest difference is the way they are fixed to the jaw bone; other major differences include their resistance to decay and their repair.

A natural tooth is attached to the bone with ligaments or fibers that join into the tooth on one side and the jaw bone on the other, a dental implant fuses directly to bone. As dental implants are titanium, they never require a root canal and they do not decay. Although implants are almost indestructible, they do require the patient to practice perfect oral hygiene and regular visits to the hygienist that has special tools that will clean the implant without damaging it. Click here for more details about dentistry in boston.

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