Waiting for Results from Family Dentistry in North Dartmouth, MA

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Dentistry

Going to the dentist is a routine practice for many people. They sit in the waiting room of the Alpha Dental Center , meet with the practitioner, get their teeth cleaned, and head back to the rest of their diurnal activities. However, at times, these individuals may need to undergo testing or surgery that will yield new information about their dental history. Waiting for results often comes along with a significant amount of anxiety, especially when the outcome could prove serious. One of the best ways to calm some of this anxiety is to ask open and honest questions of the dentist at Family Dentistry in North Dartmouth MA.

While individuals do not want to panic about the worst case scenario, knowing the possibilities can help them to at least prepare themselves. Asking the dentist what the possible outcomes of the test or surgery are is wise. Also, people can ask what some of the most serious treatments would entail. They do not want to get ahead of themselves and begin to prepare for treatments they may never undergo, but some individuals simply feel better by having a full scope of the situation. While at the Family Dentistry in North Dartmouth MA, patients should also ask when they will hear back with results.

Some are eager to call the practice every day until they obtain the results. However, they are only added more stress onto themselves and to the practice if they do not, at least, wait until the day that they have been told. If they do not hear back toward the end of the day, they should call the practice. Waiting until only a few minutes before the practice closes is not the best idea because someone may have to get back to them. That could end up not happening until the next morning in some situations. Patients should also remember that only certain questions can be answered at this point. Dentists cannot always predict what the exact odds are of a particular disease occurring or what the exact form of treatment will be until they know all of the details. Working to maintain a high level of patience is imperative.

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