When To Visit A Clinic That Provides Professional Dentistry In Providence RI

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Dentist

When a person struggles with oral health, either due to a genetic predisposition or a lack of proper care, the results may be devastating. Not only does it cause intense pain, but it could also lead to a severe infection that may spread and inflict other areas of the body. A clinic that offers dentistry in Providence RI is there to assist and will use a variety of methods to determine what is causing the problem and then create a treatment plan to eradicate the issue once and for all.

Red and Swollen Gums

The gums should be a light pink color and not show signs of swelling, but if a person notices a red-tinged appearance or the presence of swelling, it may be a sign of infection. A dentist will thoroughly examine the person’s mouth and then decide what treatment methods will best remedy the problem. Also, they will make a variety of care suggestions that will help keep the gums healthy in the future.

Unusual Pain and Discomfort

People should not experience any feelings of discomfort from their teeth or gums. If any is detected, it may be the result of an infection or cavity, and ignoring it may cause the pain to become even worse. Most clinics that specialize in Dentistry in Providence RI will use physical examination techniques and x-rays to get a full picture of what is happening beneath the surface, which allows them to create a customized treatment plan that eliminates pain quickly.

Oral Cancer Screenings

One of the least discussed forms of cancer are those that infect the oral cavity. Though the use of tobacco products, such as snuff and cigarettes, increases a person’s propensity for developing an infection, even those who abstain from these habits are at risk. Most dentists perform a cancer screening during each cleaning appointment or more often for those at higher risk.

The first line of defense against severe oral health problems is regular trips to the dentist. Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates is a full-service adult and pediatric oral health provider. Visit Domain to discover the full range of services they provide and take the first step toward increased oral health.

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