Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Clean Between Dental Appointments

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Dentist

More happens at a dental appointment than a general cleaning but that is one of the most important parts of good dental care. Keeping up with your scheduled appointments and professional cleanings helps keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. Daily dental care is essential and here are some key ways you can keep your teeth clean and healthy between dental appointments with your dentists in Elk Grove Village:


Daily brushing is a must to keeping teeth and gums healthy. You should try to brush after every meal but if you can’t you should rinse well after each meal and brush in the morning and at night.


Many people think of flossing as a meaningless annoyance but it is actually very important to keeping your teeth healthy. Twice daily flossing is usually recommended by most dentists.


Another important part of your dental care routine needs to be mouthwash. The type you use and how often you use it can be determined by your dentists but daily use is usually recommended for everyone.


The food you eat can impact your teeth so avoid chewing hard candy and ice, limit sugary foods, and brush after foods that can stain teeth like berries and chocolate.


Like food, drink can stain teeth when consumed in too large of quantities. It is best to brush or at the very least rinse after drinking wine, coffee, or other dark colored drinks that could stain.

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