Tips as to How Dentists in St Peter MN Place Implants

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Dentist

Dentists in St Peter MN specialize in a myriad of dental procedures and techniques. They fully assess each patient’s needs and are well aware that each customer needs to undergo pain-free dentistry. These professionals provide a peaceful atmosphere and take on procedures of all types, whether a person is getting their teeth whitened or they are getting dental implants. Cosmetic dentists are skilled practitioners who are dedicated to helping people restore their beautiful smile.

A person with healthy teeth bites down with a force of 200 pounds. Dental implants closely match that number. Denture-wearers can bite with a force of 50 pounds, which is a reduction of 75% of their bite force. But here’s the real shocker: After 15 years of wearing removable dentures, patients are usually only able to bite with a force of 6 pounds. This is a reduction of 97% of their bite force, which has a massive impact on how a person eats and what foods they can consume.

After many years of wearing dentures, a patient’s oral functionality and strength become severely compromised, and they can usually only manage to eat soft and highly processed foods. In fact, many people prefer to eat without their dentures because they feel so uncomfortable. Denture-wear is a major cause of malnutrition in the elderly. Dental implants placed by Dentists in St Peter MN are specially designed to be used immediately. This immediate functionality means people can use their new teeth to eat the same day they are received, but they’ll be limited to a specific diet for the first few weeks while their implants are healing.

Implants provide users with a strong and healthy jaw bone too. Dental implants provide all the necessary forces associated with food consumption and ensures these forces are sent directly into and underneath the jaw bone. This is what dental roots were for before the person lost their teeth. Implants maintain a person’s oral tissue, thus preventing atrophy and the withering away of the jaw bone. Dentures, which replace the visible crowns of the teeth, do nothing to keep the jaw bone stimulated and healthy, so it deteriorates gradually over the years, making the person seem older than they actually are. Browse our website to learn more.

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