The Reason Behind Your Toothache and What You Can Do to Stop It

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Dental

Toothaches can be painful and uncomfortable. Yet many people avoid investigating the root cause of their oral pain because they don’t enjoy visits to the dental office.

While a trip to the dental office may not always be the highlight of our day, ignoring the pain of a toothache often proves to be a serious mistake.

In this article, we will explore the reasons that toothaches occur, as well as what your dental care provider can do to help ease the pain of your toothache and identify its source.

The Reason Behind Your Toothache

While every circumstance is different, there are usually a few specific reasons that a person might be experiencing tooth pain. Though this is not an exhaustive list, some of these reasons may include:

1. Tooth Decay

2. Sensitive Teeth

3. Impacted Teeth

4. Infected Tooth Pulp

5. Infected Gums

6. A Cracked Tooth

7. An Abscess

After looking over the list of possible reasons you may be experiencing tooth pain, it should become apparent as to why seeing a dentist for a toothache in the Lincoln Square area is so important. If any of the above situations is left unchecked, it is likely that you will suffer more harm and cause further damage to your oral health in the long run.

What to Expect From Your Dentist

When you do decide to visit your dental care provider, he or she will likely ask you a series of questions to get to the bottom of what may be causing your pain. He or she will then likely complete a series of x-rays or general exams for an even better idea of what might be going on.

Treatment for the pain will vary greatly, and will heavily depend on what ails you. In some cases, tooth extraction is required, while others may require an antibiotic or other prescription drug to thwart pain and bacteria.

Whatever the remedy, the most important thing to remember is to see your doctor right away if you are experiencing pain in your teeth.

If you have a toothache in Lincoln Square, consider contacting us at Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square, or visit website today.

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