The Comprehensive Periodontal Treatment In South Loop

by | Feb 20, 2021 | Dentist

In South Loop, patients with existing periodontal disease need more assistance managing the condition. The gum disease causes bone loss and the development of pockets around the gum line. These pockets allow for bacteria buildup that leads to tooth loss and infections. A local dentist provides periodontal treatment in South Loop for affected patients.

Scaling and Planing

The process of scaling and planing allows the dentist to deep clean the teeth and gums. All plaque buildup is removed by scraping the teeth and gums. The hygienist uses specialized tools to dig out any bacteria that has accumulated in the gum pockets. The process involves the removal of any damaged gum tissue as well. They also evaluate these conditions to determine if there is an infection or other adverse occurrences.

Managing Infections as They Develop

The dentist evaluates the infection to determine how severe it is. An infection of the mouth could lead to the bacteria entering the bloodstream. When this happens, it could present further health risks for the patient. The dentist provides antibiotics that eliminate the infection. An improperly addressed bacteria infection affects other organ systems.

Antimicrobial Mouth Rinse

Antimicrobial mouth rinse is also prescribed to patients with periodontal disease. The rinse reduces the volume of bacteria found in the mouth. This reduces the potential for further infections and worsening of the gum disease. The control of these microbials may reduce the potential for bone loss and extensive damage to the teeth.

Enzyme Suppressant Therapy

Enzyme suppressant therapy is provided to reduce the production of certain enzymes. The enzymes are responsible for breaking down gum tissue. It is provided as a tablet that the patient takes each day. It controls the enzyme and protects the gums more proactively. When treating periodontal disease, it is vital to prevent the loss of any additional gum tissue.

In South Loop, dental patients need additional help when they develop periodontal disease. This devastating gum disease causes bone loss and the development of pockets around the gum line. The condition leads to the total loss of all teeth if it isn’t managed appropriately. Patients who need Periodontal Treatment in South Loop should contact South Loop Dental Specialists and schedule an appointment today.

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